Woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer trencher

Oil on canvas, 92 x cm. Dordrecht Museum, Dordrecht Maids, who were considered a sort of necessary evil, enjoyed the dubious privilege of being the subject of popular literature and plays. They spoke their mind to their masters and mistress and were pictured as untrustworthy, the most dangerous women of all. However, the fact that they are portrayed so many times in family portraits may indicate that some were successfully integrated into the family, the fundamental unit of Dutch society.

Woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer trencher

The work shows a middle-class woman attended by a housemaid who is presumably acting as messenger and go-between for the lady and her lover. The work is seen as a bridge between the quiet restraint and self-containment of Vermeer's work of the s and his relatively cooler work of the s.

The painting's canvas was almost certainly cut from the same bolt used for Woman with a Lute.

woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer trencher

Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid is the first of the artist's experiments with centrifugal composition; where the focus is not only from the center of the canvas.

In addition, it is his third work in which the drama and dynamic is not centered on a single figure. The maid is shown standing in the mid-ground, behind her lady, with her hands crossed and waiting for the letter to be completed.

The positions of their bodies indicate that the two women are disconnected. The folded arms of the maid seem outwardly as an attempt to display a sense of self-containment, however she is detached from her lady both emotionally and psychologically.

The maid's gaze towards the half-visible window indicates an inner restlessness and boredom, as she waits impatiently for the messenger to carry her lady's letter away.

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, by Johannes Vermeer

Some art historians dispute the absoluteness of this view; according to Pascal Bonafoux, while complicity is not "indicated by a look or a smile" from either woman, the mere fact of her presence during such an intimate act as the composition of a love letter indicates at least a degree of intimacy between the two.

Vermeer had experimented with this painterly device earlier in his career, notably in his View of Delft, The Lacemaker and The Art of Painting.

Led by the British heiress Dr. Rose Dugdale, the thieves used screwdrivers to cut the paintings from their frames.

However, the Vermeer and other works were recovered eight days later at a cottage in County Cork. The work was again taken in by a gang led by the Dublin gangster Martin Cahill.

However, the money was not paid, and Cahill lacked contacts or knowledge to otherwise pass it on to international art thieves. It had already been donated in absentia to the National Gallery in Dublin.Media in category "Lady writing a letter with her maid (Vermeer)" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 vetconnexx.coms: woman, letter.

Jul 02,  · Dr Adriaan Waiboer, Curator of Dutch and Northern European Art at the National Gallery of Ireland talks about Vermeer's painting, 'Lady writing a Letter, with her Maid'.

Love Letter by Jan Vermeer Girl, writing letter by Jan Vermeer A girl reading a letter at an open window by Jan Vermeer Woman with a Pearl Necklace by Johannes Vermeer Description and meaning of the painting The lady and her maid with a letter by Jan Vermeer. File:Woman writing a letter, with her maid, by Johannes vetconnexx.com File:Writing woman a letter, with her maid, by Johannes vetconnexx.com (file redirect) Category:Lady writing a letter with her maid (Vermeer)Medium: oil on canvasmedium QS:P,Q;P,Q,P,Q A Woman Writing a Letter with her Maidservant, by Johannes Vermeer in - | Trivium Art History Home.

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Vermeer Thefts: A Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid

Timeline. Artwork. Artists. Search Art History Woman Reading a Letter Woman with a Lute Girl with a Pearl Earring Girl with a Flute In this case, the maid is treated neutrally even though Vermeer has given her an important role in the composition.

woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer trencher

Her gaze, whose emotional contents remains open for the observer to fill, amplifies the intensity of her mistress' writing.

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