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Year-round ice shelves fringing Antarctica. Add your own rivers and lakes. Country subdivisions and the smallest map units. Greenland as separate from Denmark.

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The US government started a massive bombing in Cambodia in order to eliminate those Viet Cong troops. However, the people who died in those bombings were not only Viet Cong soldiers but also Cambodian civilians.

President Richard Nixon gave the bombing order to Henry Kissinger and told him to forward it to the military units. The president claimed they were protecting the South Vietnam government and the US troops stationed in Cambodia with those attacks. These attacks lasted untiland it is still not clear how many people died in the bombings.

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However, Kissinger mentions that the Historical Office of the Secretary of Defense stated that there had been 50, casualties. Furthermore, those casualties were not Viet Cong, they were Cambodian. On the other hand, the famous Cambodian Genocide professor, Ben Kiernan, claims that the number is more likely to be between 50, andpeople.

Local population had been relocated to nearby atolls. Shortly before detonation, the wind shifted, toward the locals, and US officials ordered the detonation to continue. The health issues from the radiation fallout have been studied since then.

During anaesthesia we sometimes use a drug to paralyse you to make it easier for the surgeons. The babies were given the paralysis drug but not the anaesthetic. Turns out post op they would feed poorly, had higher levels of cortisol stress hormone etc and practices were changed. The attack was to be blamed on Cuba as pretext for war.

That time NASA partially flooded a house so that a woman and dolphin would live in it together and take LSD everyday and the woman could have sexual relations with the dolphin — all in an effort to teach the dolphin English.

Basically the CIA wanted to put microphones and transmitters inside of cats and use them to spy on the Soviets in the s. In Spain, during the reign of Franco, there were hundredsof thousands of babies stolen by Nuns.

Back when the US tested the hydrogen bombs for the first time on the Bikini Atoll Islands there were naval vessels on site to observe the effects and to run supplementary experiments. After the tests they had to wash off the ships somewhere.

Navy irradiated part San Francisco with hydrogen bomb fallout and now people are living on top of it. I was part of a team that studied the mess and recently news agencies started to catch the story.

Nobody followed it up because of the Clinton scandal All the radiation they exposed people to in order to study the effects of nuclear warfare on the human body. Just remember, the government has repeatedly done whatever the fuck it needed to in order to accomplish its goals.

Literally nothing is not on the table and this is across administrations Democrat, republican or otherwise. Then take a moment to note who runs the government currently.

The Pentagon confirmed the existence of super powerful unidentified flying objects that can travel at breakneck speeds as well as perform complicated air maneuvers that should not be physically possible. I remember reading the news and thinking it was the biggest story ever.

The government is showing us actual UFOs.

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No one knows if tribes or groups were killed directly from the tests. But I have heard of stories of children born with horrible defects. It gets worstthe fallout was blown over the eastern states and over their cities. British government had an agreement with the priminister at the time who was a staunch monarchist.

The bones of deceased children were stolen from morgues and hospitals to study what effect the fallout has on a civilian population. This is apparently how the mother country treated its children.

Here are the reports https: The plutonium injection experiments carried out by the University of Rochester, they injected patients with various radioactive materials without informing them of what they were doing.

Which is getting smaller every year. That shit where the church of scientology went deep undercover to destroy tons of records of them that painted them in a bad light. If you follow the civil case of the King family vs Jowers it was determined that the government conspired to kill Martin Luther King Jr.

The attorney that led the case also wrote a book on his thoughts called The Plot to Kill King where he names who he believes was most likely the shooter. The FBI also sent him a letter threatening his life and encouraging him to commit suicide.

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