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But these days, CIOs hire people to take care of that technical and operations work, she says. Those in the top job tend to focus on bigger priorities. The CIO role has changed substantially in the past few years.

Todays cio

It was really more of how would that attribute or that force of change impact you. Before we get into the [CHIME] survey, can you just provide some information about your current role right now?

I have responsibility for eight hospitals in the Kansas area and so I oversee all of information technology for the Via Christi Health Ministries. She is responsible for what we call the integrated ministries because Via Christi is a fairly new ministry to Ascension, and then my dotted line in the actual health ministry is to the CFO.

In terms of how Ascension is set up, since that is such a large organization, is Mark Barner the CIO, or how does that work? And how long have you been in your role? And you said Via Christi is fairly new?

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And a lot of that falls under your purview? Via Christi actually came in through what we call the Marian Ministries.

Down in Oklahoma, Marian has St. So you were working Todays cio conjunction with those CIOs as well? Okay, so back in October, you and Tim Zoph presented findings from a survey, and it was really interesting to me.

I was there to hear the findings from it, but can you just talk first a little bit about the genesis of this survey and how you became involved? Tim actually was the creator of this survey. He was approached by the CHIME board, and as they were moving into their strategic planning process, they were really looking at what are the professional development needs of the CIO.

He reached out to me and together we looked at how could we take this survey process that he had developed he ran it through the board first and replicate it over to our CIO membership. And then the next phase of it was to look at the executives that we report to.

The structure that Tim came up with was what are some of the leadership attributes that are needed out of the CIO, and what were some of the implications — the industry forces that are impacting the CIO?

So there were two parts to this. So we said that if we gather this information from the CIOs and then we go to the executive team, could we understand what are the gaps, and then really step back and say, knowing these gaps or knowing what the industry forces are, how can we help build a great or really good professional development program for our membership within CHIME?

So first it was a survey that was distributed to CIOs?

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It was really more of how would that attribute or that force of change impact you, so it was on more of a perspective study rather than saying, where do you feel it falls within this alignment. One of the big things that came up was the need for the CIO to become a change agent.

What exactly does that mean? What was interesting was if you really focused on the leadership attribute pieces of it. We had the CIOs also do a forced ranking. And we asked them, where do you see these leadership attributes in terms of the future for you?

Those were the top three rankings, and not necessarily in that order. They said senior management first, then change management and knowledge management. So really it seems to be moving away from just operations and really going to a different level with leadership?

It's about strategy, not just tech

Right, and that was their perspective. That was where they said they are being driven.

Todays cio

I think sometimes the CIO shies away from that in the sense that you kind of get labeled as the technology leader. One of the other gaps, I think, that exists is that sometimes the CIO does bring a strong technology side. Chapter 2 Coming Soon….Mar 29,  · IT teams need an open culture and clearly defined near- and long-term business strategies to sustain smooth operations, keep pace with and scale organizational growth, drive innovation, and hire and motivate top technologists, says Salesforce EVP and CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky.

To succeed today, the CIO needs a very unique skill set. Superb public speaking and leadership skills, well-grounded in technology, an understanding of corporate finance, and a deep understanding of—and the ability to directly relate to—the business.

Today’s healthcare networks are intricate ecosystems of different networks comprised of a wide variety of connected devices and moving data, but they weren’t always this open. The industry as a whole has had to rapidly shift gears.

Healthcare data now flows faster than ever, and it isn’t slowing down. As a result, the role of the healthcare chief information officer (CIO) has had to.

The mill workers organized, went on strike and formed America's first union of working women. They shocked their bosses, captured the attention of a young nation and blazed a trail for the nascent labor movement that would follow.

Before becoming acting CIO, Aronson was the director for the Division of Information Systems since , and served as the NSF deputy CIO.

Todays cio

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