The two types of electic charge

Around the same period, early experimental electrical cars were moving on rails, too.

The two types of electic charge

An antistatic wrist strap with crocodile clip. Removing or preventing a buildup of static charge can be as simple as opening a window or using a humidifier to increase the moisture content of the air, making the atmosphere more conductive.

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Air ionizers can perform the same task. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets used in washing machines and clothes dryers are an example of an The two types of electic charge agent used to prevent and remove static cling.

Conductive antistatic bags are commonly used to protect such components. People who work on circuits that contain these devices often ground themselves with a conductive antistatic strap. These shoes have soles with good conductivity.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message The spark associated with static electricity is caused by electrostatic discharge, or simply static discharge, as excess charge is neutralized by a flow of charges from or to the surroundings.

The feeling of an electric shock is caused by the stimulation of nerves as the neutralizing current flows through the human body. The energy stored as static electricity on an object varies depending on the size of the object and its capacitancethe voltage to which it is charged, and the dielectric constant of the surrounding medium.

For modelling the effect of static discharge on sensitive electronic devices, a human being is represented as a capacitor of picofaradscharged to a voltage of to volts.

When touching an object this energy is discharged in less than a microsecond. Larger objects will store more energy, which may be directly hazardous to human contact or which may give a spark that can ignite flammable gas or dust. Lightning Lightning is a dramatic natural example of static discharge.

While the details are unclear and remain a subject of debate, the initial charge separation is thought to be associated with contact between ice particles within storm clouds. In general, significant charge accumulations can only persist in regions of low electrical conductivity very few charges free to move in the surroundingshence the flow of neutralizing charges often results from neutral atoms and molecules in the air being torn apart to form separate positive and negative charges, which travel in opposite directions as an electric current, neutralizing the original accumulation of charge.

The lightning bolt is simply a scaled-up version of the sparks seen in more domestic occurrences of static discharge. The flash occurs because the air in the discharge channel is heated to such a high temperature that it emits light by incandescence. The clap of thunder is the result of the shock wave created as the superheated air expands explosively.

Electronic components Many semiconductor devices used in electronics are very sensitive to the presence of static electricity and can be damaged by a static discharge.

The use of an antistatic strap is mandatory for researchers manipulating nanodevices. Further precautions can be taken by taking off shoes with thick rubber soles and permanently staying with a metallic ground.

Static build-up in flowing flammable and ignitable materials Static electricity is a major hazard when refueling aircraft. Discharge of static electricity can create severe hazards in those industries dealing with flammable substances, where a small electrical spark might ignite explosive mixtures.

When there is a static discharge in a dust or vapor cloud, explosions have occurred. Among the major industrial incidents that have occurred are: When low conductivity fluids flow through pipelines or are mechanically agitated, contact-induced charge separation called flow electrification occurs.

The two types of electic charge

In non-accumulators, charges recombine as fast as they are separated and hence electrostatic charge accumulation is not significant.

Re-filling of large apparatus requires precautions against electrostatic charging of the fluid, which may damage sensitive transformer insulation. An important concept for insulating fluids is the static relaxation time. For insulating materials, it is the ratio of the static dielectric constant divided by the electrical conductivity of the material.

For hydrocarbon fluids, this is sometimes approximated by dividing the number 18 by the electrical conductivity of the fluid.

The excess charge in a fluid dissipates almost completely after four to five times the relaxation time, or 90 seconds for the fluid in the above example. Static charge generation in these systems is best controlled by limiting fluid velocity.

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Because water content has a large impact on the fluids dielectric constant, the recommended velocity for hydrocarbon fluids containing water should be limited to 1 meter per second.

Bonding and earthing are the usual ways charge buildup can be prevented. Non-polar liquids such as gasolinetoluenexylenedieselkerosene and light crude oils exhibit significant ability for charge accumulation and charge retention during high velocity flow.

Electrostatic discharges can ignite the fuel vapor. Different fuels have different flammable limits and require different levels of electrostatic discharge energy to ignite.

Electrostatic discharge while fueling with gasoline is a present danger at gas stations. New grounding technologies, the use of conducting materials, and the addition of anti-static additives help to prevent or safely dissipate the buildup of static electricity. The flowing movement of gases in pipes alone creates little, if any, static electricity.

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