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The suite

The suite The suite usually the top of the echelon at a lot of companies: At the C-level, leadership skills and business expertise are what counts above all other skill sets. The CEO could come from any career background, and must have shown great leadership and decision-making skills in previous positions.

Portfolio management, accounting, investment securities, investment research and financial analysis are examples of skills that are built over the years.

The CFO has a global mindset and works closely with the CEO to find new business opportunities for the company, while weighing the financial risk and benefits of each potential venture. The CIO should have a practical knowledge of these skills, and also how these functional skills can be applied to risk managementbusiness strategy, and finance.

The COO manages the operations of a company by ensuring that the company functions smoothly in areas such as recruitment, training, payroll, legal, and administration.

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The Chief Operating Officer is usually the second in command to the CEO as he or she works to ensure that the organization has a healthy corporate culture. The number of C-level positions vary from company to company, and may depend on the size of the company, its mission, and its operating industry or sector.

Likewise, a healthcare company would require a CMO, who a food and beverage company may not require. Responsibilities at the C-Level C-level members are the most influential employees of a company.


Public companies, for example, are in business to make profit for shareholders. Any plan in place that does not correlate with this objective will be terminated. Being a member of C-suite comes with high-stakes decision making, a more demanding workload and high compensation. As "chief" titles proliferate, however, job-title inflation may decrease the prestige associated with being a member of the C-suite.Suit definition is - suite.

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How to use suit in a sentence. suite; recourse or appeal to a feudal superior for justice or redress; an action or process in a court for the recovery of a right or claim.

The suite

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