The moral obligation of the united states to help underdeveloped countries around the world

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The moral obligation of the united states to help underdeveloped countries around the world

Thes services are usually carried out through: Since the beginning of the 90s, Mobile Telephone Services CellularPaging and Electronic Mail have been part of the services offered by NITEL which, hitherto enjoyed the monopoly of Telecommunications services provisions, operations and maintenance untilwhen a decree establishing the Nigerian Communications Commission NCCliberalised terminal ends equipment and value added services for competition and private sector participation.

In order to carry out the above services the following facilities currently exist in the country: See Figures 1 and 2 Listed below are the various media through which some of the telecommunications facilities are delivered to the populace in the country. These include those services that are provided by NITEL as well as those that are commercially available on a large scale basis.

VSAT systems integrate transmission and switching functions to implement pre-assigned and on-demand assigned links for point-to-point and broadcast networks.

Hosts and terminals are connected directly to the VSAT equipment earth station making the need for a satellite central office unnecessary. In contrast to terrestrial trunks, addition of bandwidth is effected easily by the service provider.

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It can support relatively high bandwidth of 2mbps. VSAT can be configured for broadcast one-way or interactive two-way data communications.

VSAT services have been found to suffer from long network delays caused by the up and down links through the atmosphere and space. The delay is of the order of microseconds compared with 15 microseconds for a typical terrestrial networks.

The moral obligation of the united states to help underdeveloped countries around the world

However, VSAT has been proved to have a higher error rate than fibre optics. Private Wire Private wire is a dedicated point-to-point circuit which could be provided over cable or radio link system. This is being provided to customers for private and exclusive use. Private Wire facilities, also called local exchange are dedicated lines or local exchange area leased circuits.

It is being provided on Analogue up to 9. They are in Two categories: Private Wire Full Time b. Private Wire Part Time 3. Temporary Exchange Lines These are voice grade circuits provided to serve at exhibitions and special events on temporary basis.

The circuits could be provided on point-to-point or point-to-multi-point as may be required by the customer. Below is a summary of the currently available infrastructure in all the NITEL installations in the country.

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Table 1 illustrates those infrastructures that are currently available in some states and zonal headquarters of NITEL. By the nature of their organisation and mandates they play a leading role in the development of raw materials and production methods for industrialisation.

Most of them attract experienced scientists, technicians and engineers to carry out the tasks of their respective institutes. A good number of these Research Institutes are also bracing up to those new challenges in local sourcing of raw materials and effecting technological innovations.

The private sector has, until recently, not been forthcoming with technological development in the country. While it is accepted that no parent company would give up her immediate advantages by exposing her core technology to her subsidiary in a developing nation for fear of the loss of license fees, loss of a market for spare parts, components and other machinery, this attitude of multinational companies has however slightly changed, especially with privatisation and commercialisation of information and telecommunication operations.

Finance is a major factor in achieving any measure of success in science and technology development. The funds allocated by a country for science and technology activities constitute an investment of a special kind. Since the key to national development lies in the effective use of technology for development, it follows that such an investment is vital for the future of the nation.

At present, Government sponsors almost all research activities in the country. There has not been any significant break-throughs over the years and this has been attributable to three factors, namely: In order to ensure an increase in the general level of funding of science and technology development activities and its stability, government has decided that science and technology development activities in the country shall be financed through a funding system involving the Federal Government and its parastatals, the State Government and the Private Sector.

In this connection, a National Science and Technology Fund NSTF was established to which both government, industries and philanthropic bodies contribute.

In addition, government makes effective use of bilateral and international schemes for the procurement of funds from outside for science and technology development activities.encyclical letter caritas in veritate of the supreme pontiff benedict xvi to the bishops priests and deacons men and women religious the lay faithful.

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The moral obligation of the united states to help underdeveloped countries around the world

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