The film billy elliot

It reminds us of the human potential to transcend our economic surroundings and the expectations of society by doing something so simple, and yet sometimes so very difficult, as simply being ourselves. Born in a socially and economically repressed mining town, Billy is told that boys box or wrestle; boys don't dance.

The film billy elliot

Movies in Theaters This is a bold, attractive and emotionally generous film about a young boy growing up in the north-east during the miners' strike ofwho discovers in himself a talent for dance. And - to the horror of his striking miner father, played by the perennially excellent Gary Lewis - this is not even the virile and masculine dance of Gene Kelly.
Billy Elliot () - IMDb The street in view is Avon Street. Due to Easington Colliery 's pit closure in[5] the mining scenes were filmed at the Ellington and Lynemouth Colliery in Northumberland[6] with some filming in DawdonMiddlesbrough and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Surname origin[ edit ] Differences in spelling can be distinguished in this rhyme: Scotland[ edit ] The origin of the Scottish surname is obscure, due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in AD.

The whole subject of the Scottish name origin is discussed by Keith Elliot Hunter on the Elliot Clan website [10] where he argues for a Breton origin to the name and the first chief being William d'Alyth.

The film billy elliot

Under that name, the d'Alyths played a key role in the Scottish Wars of Independence [11] However, Mark Elliot presents a well-argued case that there is no connection between the Elliot river and town with the clan and believes the origins are in the first name of Elwald, which appears in Northumberland The film billy elliot the 8th century king, Elwald 1.

The name has Anglo-Saxon origins and appears alongside Armstrong in Northumbrian records dating from The Story of a Border Clan' says: That would exclude the idea that the Cornish Eliots set the clan up a few centuries earlier, but it is said that this was some means of expressing solidarity with John Eliot statesmanwho was regularly imprisoned by Charles I until his death in A Thomas Elyot is recorded in West Lothian, dying in Radegund in Cambridge in about A William Eliot appears in about in the same parish.

Johanne Eliot appears in the Portsoken near Aldgate Subsidy Roll of with a reference to him being found in under John Elyot.

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The neck is straight with a pointed spout. The body is fat and bulbous. This fine bronze jug is inscribed: Thursday, the feast of St. It is not made easier by a member of the clan Eliott Stobs family, George Augustus Eliott—the defender of Gibraltar, being made 1st Baron Heathfield, which is in Sussex, although he died childless.

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Germans, who claim descent from a Norman knight, Sir William de Aliot. It is unknown exactly when the Eliots settled in Devon, but it is estimated they prospered there for 8 to 10 generations before moving to St.

The earliest record is of a William Elyot [27] appears in the Somerset Assizes rolls in and there is a record of the surname in an indenture signed in by RYC Elyot. Germans Eliot family were among the Bretons accompanying William the Conqueror, who were originally rewarded with lands in Devon.

The film billy elliot

The Breton origin of Eliot and Elliot is indicated by these names being in significant clusters in Morbihan, southern Brittany. Other Eliots were sent later to Monmouthshire in South Wales and to the marcher counties, where significant clusters of the name can be found today.

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Large surviving clusters of Eliots in Normandy Seine Maritime today could be due to later grants of land. One variant in Scotland was Dalliot or, more likely, d'Alliot and a variation from the Breton original name Ellegouet, from which the Scots variant Elligott is derived, is to be found in clusters in Finistere.

Elot is also a Breton name variant. Elliot t s emigrated or were sent to north Ireland in the early 17th century after the Border area was pacified, following the union of the English and Scottish crowns in Many settled in county Fermanagh.

However, the three contributions from Sussex do suggest both a native origin in the area and the unusual J haplotype from southern Europe.

Surname myths[ edit ] Some sources claim it may be derived from a French form of Eliaswhich is itself derived from the biblical name " Elijah ". It is claimed that the surname originated in the early 13th century as "Eliot", as there is supposed to be a reference to "Geoffrey Eliot", Abbot of Hyde, in documents linked to the creation of the Magna Carta.

However, the Abbot of Hyde Abbey near Winchester in Hampshirewho signed the version was Abbot Aston [32] and the version confirmed by Edward I mentions the Abbot of Hyde as a witness, but does not name him.Elliot (also spelled Eliot, Elliott, Eliott and Elyot) is a personal name which can serve as either a surname or a given vetconnexx.comgh the given name was historically given to males, females named Elliot have increased from in to in , in United States.

Billy Elliot is the triumphant and heartwarming story of an year-old boy from a working-class family who discovers a passion for dance that will change his and his family's lives forever. Widower Jackie Elliot and his firstborn, fellow miner Tony, take a dim view of 11 year-old second son Billy's poor record in boxing class, which worsens when they discover he sneakily transferred to the neighboring, otherwise girls-only-attended ballet class.

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Critics Consensus: Billy Elliot is a charming movie that can evoke both laughter and tears%. Based on the powerful and acclaimed film, Billy Elliot swept the Tony, Drama Desk, and Olivier awards for Best Musical, by combining a dynamic score by the legendary Elton John with sensational dance to create a heartwarming, inspirational and triumphant experience for the entire family.

Billy Elliot is a would-be dancer growing up in a mining community - always a tough existence but during the strikes of the s, an unbearably harsh world. Afraid of the reaction he'll get from.

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