Texas nurse practice act discussion

In to words with citations to assigned learning activities and at least two outside sources but without mentioning the name of any healthcare facility or PHI ,that are no older than 5 years please respond to ALL of the following:

Texas nurse practice act discussion

Callext. Questions of the greatest general interest will be answered in this department each and every issue. Q What are the considerations nurses should evaluate before delegating tasks to nonnursing care providers? Everyone remembers their nursing licensure examination and the feeling of overwhelming relief once the passing scores were in.

Texas nurse practice act discussion

Although that was a great feeling, ongoing licensure carries with it some significant responsibilities. The nursing license is the individual agreement between the nurse and state governing bodies committing the nurse to function competently and within the Nurse Practice Act.

These governing bodies are responsible for defining nursing practice and overseeing licensure, quality, and ongoing nursing competency. The key role for these governing bodies is to serve to protect the public.

The Nurse Practice Act is the basic enabling law for licensure and the definition of nursing practice in the jurisdiction of the legislative body establishing the Act. This Act defines who may practice nursing. Delegation is discussed within these regulations. Assessment, nursing diagnosis, setting goals, planning care strategies, implementing care, delegating care to qualified others, supervising, evaluating, teaching, managing care, maintaining patient safety, collaborating with other health care members.

Competency is an ongoing process; it is the ability to integrate knowledge, skills, and judgment to practice safely and ethically in a designated role. Next, how is competency determined for the unit or work environment? Review the approved skills from the state. Then evaluate the detail of the approved skills from the department or work setting specific to the patient population.

Once you are aware of the activities that the delegatees are competent to perform, judgment and decision making come into play.

Considerations What potential patient safety issues or risks may be related to the task considered for delegation? Is the delegatee approved to perform the competency skills of the task?

Clear communication is critical. Remember to set expectations that are concise and identify the outcomes you want to see from the delegatee. Clear communication will serve to support delegatees in not only delivering care as to the plan, but will support them in succeeding in their role.

Ask the delegatee for questions.

Prescriptive Authority

Use the opportunity to mentor, support, and coach performance, and recognize good performance. Creating a good relationship with the delegatee will result in better care for patients and a more fulfilling work environment for everyone.

Discuss with the delegatee if there were better ways to do things that can be considered in the future. This collaboration will add satisfaction to the work environment and create respect through listening and valuing ideas.

Previous Section Next Section Summary The work environment changes throughout a busy shift; each situation needs to be evaluated differently. Ensuring patient safety through appropriate delegation is the goal. Use the listed considerations as a way to support nursing judgment in the delegation of tasks.The Texas ENA is pushing to keep their thumb over EMS again and trying to keep EMS providers from crowding “their” domain.

Consider asking your political representation to oppose the ENA efforts and to move to allow EMS to practice . (b) A physician may delegate to a physician assistant offering obstetrical services and certified by the board as specializing in obstetrics or an advanced practice registered nurse recognized by the Texas Board of Nursing as a nurse midwife the act of administering or providing controlled substances to the physician assistant's or nurse.

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This bill created the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas, and was, in essence, the first nursing practice act. In , TGNA successfully raised standards for nursing schools, including an eight-hour day for students, three-year courses in all schools of nursing, raised entrance requirements, uniform curriculum, and better.

Nurse Practice Act, Standards, and Scope of Practice Texas Nurse Practice Act; Standards of Nursing Practice; Position Statements on School Nursing Practice; LVN Scope of Practice; RN Scope of Practice; Frequently Asked Questions (Under Development) FAQs for Health Services in Texas (Under Development).

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