Sap erp implementation case studies

The fare systems they sell vary based on order and are highly customizable based on customer needs. While the materials used to manufacture these units are fairly consistent, the combination of components can differ significantly from one order to the next. Our client not only needed SAP to accommodate this flexibility, but also a standardized business process for controlling and profitability analysis. Mygo Consulting overcame this challenge by leveraging variant configurations VC to give the client the flexibility they needed in the manufacturing process.

Sap erp implementation case studies

The client has more than stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and Asia pacific countries, all aiming to provide value for money professional eye care, a wide range of high quality spectacles and exclusive specialist support services.

The Challenge Implement an enterprise wide platform to run the operations across the organization with an option to automate mundane activities, and increase visibility. Improper sales order data collection, stock control and performance reporting.

Automate Order, material receipt and shipment process between lab and stores to reduce delivery time. Provide operational agility and flexibility for requisition of items in labs and stores. Leverage the feature rich functionalities of the Compiere ERP. Intuitive user interface to easily access the information.

Flexible document types which fit the business process. Use of application dictionary and meta data, to reduce coding.

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Flexible Status reports of tickets for the Management. Automated Order Process results in high accuracy work. Inventory tracking and Barcode scanning enabled hardware which maintains and replenishes stocks quickly for fast selling items.

Faster delivery of order resulted in increased customer satisfaction.Case studies We’ve done that SAP case study videos. In our decades of working with SAP solutions, we’ve taken on virtually every business challenge imaginable. Here are a few of the most recent examples that may be relevant to you.

“Implementing an ERP package is a risk. Lessons from real-world ERP implementation case studies which you can apply to your software implementation project.

A free guide from the experts at ERP Focus Change management for ERP implementation: a case study.

Sap erp implementation case studies

Risk management and ERP implementation: three tips SAP was engaged to resolve these concerns. Along . Samadhan, A unit of RITC Pvt. Ltd. is in information technology space since Samadhan is a turnkey ERP solution provider.

It works primarily with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics suite of products to deliver specific solutions to its clients. Enterprise Resource Planning system integrates all data and processes of an organization into one single and centralized system.

It comprises of several components of hardware and software, in order to achieve integration from various departments in the organization. Case studies of successful ERP implementations allow for the careful selection of vendors, systems and solutions; a clear understanding of existing gaps and objectives to be met; and sufficient.

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Case studies Deloitte Global SAP Alliance. Watch Deloitte's case study videos. After a move to SAP ERP and SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), the business decided a move to the cloud would improve its system scalability as well as the supplier experience.

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