Rencontrer sa belle famille

Diane Levesque in Levesque was then approached by local shelters who could no longer accept new dogs due to lack of space. The Balto refuge was built in collaboration with Hotel Balto and continues to welcome new dogs regularly.

Rencontrer sa belle famille

I live in Yerevan since already 9 months and almost everyday, when i am going to my job or to meet my friends, i pass one old armenian woman, sitting on the corner and asking to buy sunflowers seeds she has just there, on the ground. But i always wonder, how old is she?

Has she seen a genocide? Was she a virgin, when she got married, and if not, how did she survive in her neighbourhood?

I am not armenian and 9 months it is really not enough to get deeper into this question, or just to understand. So sorry if i write something ridiculous or even funny, it is just a woman's opinion from another country and, of course, another culture. During my stay here i have met really very clever, very enthusiasting and hard working young armenian women, who believe in their future and do everything to open the minds of youth and to make them understand.

But, it is sad to say so, in my opinion this kind of women is minority here, in this country. Now, writing this, i really want to be wrong, but as i have seen and as i have heard, the truth is this.

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Don't get me wrong, i dont want to say that they are not clever and so on, i truly believe that even if they want to do something not usual in this country and culture, they have to pass a lot of borders on the way to success and it is really hard to do.

The society want them to be "normal women " let me explain - dress in one style, make love after marriage, be good wife and so onand if you don't fit to these "rules", you can be killed by moral way because of non ending staring and speaking.

I know it by myself, because i have my own style which is strange to people here, but totaly normal in my country, and i have a lot of moral pressure in the streets because people are staring, sometimes laughing and pointing at me, even asking if they can buy me to have sex. So this is the problem not because of young girl, but of society where she grows and learns how to live.

Also, not only women, but also men in Armenia, are closed minded and sometimes very closed minded. This problem i can explain because of political and geographical position of Armania nowadays: So this country has really very small enter to the rest of the world, which would be very imortant to improve import, export and tourism.

The way the country is closed from almost every sides is the same as the way people are closed in their minds too. That's why they are laughing at me, and also from very brave armenian girls, in the streets, and that's whay it is better to be like the rest.

And even if a girl sees, that she has her own style or her own way of doing thing and thinking, in that case she has to live with a lot of difficulties because of virginity for example if she wants to live with her boyfriend, what is totally normal in my country, she can be called prostitute in her neighbourhoodalso because of the way she dresses, the way she behaves smoking in the streets for women is not allowedeven sometimes the way she speaks.

So, in my opinion, to be woman, especially different from the others that i know percent on my own is hard, sometimes very hard.

Rencontrer sa belle famille

But, as i told, i have met here really wonderful young women, who are doing great with the way they are, and i just wish, after few years, to see them more and more free not only in the streets, but also in their minds. Julka, Lituanienne, 21 ans Daily life for you in Armenia In Armenia nearly three million people live and they have different daily life.

In my opinion, youth daily life is the most interesting. The ministry is different.

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It is possible to understand that some of them like to be in coffees, cinemas or salons, during the day.J'ai pas vraiment de souci avec ma belle famille. Je m'entends assez bien avec ses parents, ça reste cordial, ils demandent toujours de mes nouvelles, sa mère vient me parler de temps en temps sur facebook, commente régulièrement mes publications.

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Le membre du groupe «Keur gui» a sa vie privée et prend le soin de profiter de sa petite famille.

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