Port sector report

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Port sector report

Description[ edit ] The Port of Livorno is situated on the Ligurian sea[6] in the north-western part of Tuscany. Avamporto [ edit ] The Avamporto is a Port sector report area outside the harbour Port sector report to the south by the Diga della Vegliaiato the west by the Diga Curvilinea and to the east by the outer side of Molo Mediceo.

Porto Vecchio[ edit ] Porto Vecchio Old Port occupies the southern part of the harbour and comprises: Stephen basin is bordered to the north by the Diga del Marzocco Marzocco breakwaterto the west by the Diga della Meloria Meloria breakwater built inwhich is the straight extension of meters of the Diga Curvilinea, the Alto Fondale dock, the Darsena Petroli Oils Dockthe Darsena dei Calafati Caulker Dock and the first part of the waterway that bring to the Porto Industriale.

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Porto Nuovo[ edit ] Porto Nuovo New Port is situated in the northern sector of the harbour and correspond to the Porto Industriale which enclose: From here 12 galleys departed on June 8, to take part in the Battle of Lepanto.

Porto Mediceo[ edit ] A 17th century map showing Porto Mediceo Porto Mediceo is a fortified quadrangular perimeter once open towards north and is the oldest part of Port of Livorno. It was ordered by Cosimo I who called Bartolomeo Ammannati in [9] for the project, but the construction was realized after his grand duchy.

Port sector report

The project involved the construction of wharfs with defensive walls to connect Fortezza Vecchia Old Fortress with the Fanale dei Pisani Light of the Pisans.

The word Andana had at that time the meaning of vessels moored parallel to a wharf. Molo Ferdinando start from the inlet opening to the Vecchia Darsena Old Docknear the Fortezza Vecchia, until to the second wharf perpendicular to it. It has a length of meters and finish before to reach the Fanale dei Pisani for the reason that the Sassaia reef blocked the construction.

In this place was built a block-house called Fortino della Sassaia Sassaia Fortress. The third wharf is the perpendicular extension of the Molo Cosimo built from the Sassaia reef towards north-west, parallel to the coast line, in order to give a repair to the harbour, it is called Molo Mediceo Medicean wharf or Molo del Forte Fortress wharf.

It has a length of meters and a width of meters and has at its extremity a fortress, called Fortezza del Molo Wharf Fortressonce equipped with 27 guns and soldiers [11] in order to defend the port entrance and to maintain the harbour neutrality. It is evident that Porto Mediceo has had at that time an important military and strategic considerations in addition to those of commercial nature as it could accommodate vessels.

Porto Mediceo remained with the plan unchanged until when was built the Diga Rettilinea. At the end of the 19th century the Diga Rettilinea was connected to the land and a new dock, called Darsena del Mandraccio was built near Fortezza Vecchia.

A new port plan was approved in and regarded the construction of two breakwaters: The canal in that place was enlarged and a dock, called San Rocco, was formed. The dock changed later name in Nuova Darsena New Dock and was connected to Porto Mediceo in order to allow to the ships to reach the shipyard and vice versa.

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A new slipway, called Scalo Umbriawas built on the south side of the basin and a dry dock was built on the north side. Nowadays this part of the shipbuilding is no longer in use and the warehouses and sheds have been dismantled and the area is undergoing a transformation to turn it into a residential area called Porta a Mare.

Porto Industriale[ edit ] The construction of the new port started in when the new coastal railway line connecting Pisa with Rome was opened.

Due to War World I the works were interrupted until when a variant to the Port Plan was proposed. It was planned by Coen Cagli regarding an enlargement of the port to the north of Bacino Santo Stefano inside the coastline with a series of canals and docks near the industrial facilities.

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The port was then rebuilt after the severe damage caused by World War II and a new plan was approved in It regarded the reconstruction of quays and their equipments, the construction of Darsena Petroli to allow the berthing of the tankers, a new wharf named Santo Stefano and Molo Italia meters long and meters wide.

In the following years numerous variants to the plan were approved in order to adequate the port facilities and docks.EOI – Mozambique - Consultancy Services for Design Review for the Road N/R between Mueda-Roma (94km) in Cabo Delgado Province (Mtwara Development Corridor - Phase 2).


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Located along the East Coast of India and with rich access to major industrial markets, Karaikal Port was built aligning with India’s developmental projects in the maritime sector. Sharekhan: PMS, Portfolio Management System, Stock Portfolio, Equity Portfolio.

Introduction Even as scientists have long held a consensus on human-caused climate change, the responses of many governments and much of the private sector to . India's Largest port with bulk shipping,freight shipping & cargo services.

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