Packaged drinking water business plan

October 17, As the agitation by private water tankers entered the second day, the announcement of strike by the Greater Tamil Nadu Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association came as a shock to residents and institutions and commercial establishments like hotels.

Packaged drinking water business plan

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Packaged Drinking Water and Mineral water is the water which is bottled after treating potable water through various scientific process which makes the water free of harmful bacteria, viruses etc.

packaged drinking water business plan

Therefore in purview of this there is a good market of Packaged Drinking Water or Mineral Water Bottles in Niamey which is the most populated city and the economic capital of a West African country, Niger and also in the other potentially developing district and towns of Niger.

At present there are around brands of Bottled Mineral Water viz. There is a good profit margin and negligible competition in the market and the 2 local brands i. Telwa and Rharhous are not able to cater the increase market demand, because of the following reasons: In case of Telwa whose manufacturing plant is located at Koure, around 65 kms.

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In case of Rharhous, the manufacturing facility is located around kms. However they take the advantage of the short supply of the other brands. Therefore this is the right time for venturing into and establishing a new Plant for manufacturing of a Bottled Water manufacturing unit in this region and getting the advantage of demanding market and thus getting encashment of efforts.

The plant should be strategically located within the outskirts of Niamey as near as possible from the city, which is the major market, also with the strategic location we can cover the market upto the diameter of kms. There should be 3 Phase Electric power supply available for the proposed site.

The land should be easily accessible for entry of heavy vehicles. Bore well with 5 HP Pump and 1. Treatment, Final Storage tank and Ozone dosing and re-circulation system or any other latest available technology for water treatment, with automated and user-friendly operating systems, durable life and easy for maintenance.

Chemical and Microbiological Laboratory with all the equipments required as per the local laws. More essays like this:Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd has forayed into packaged drinking water segment through a technological partnership with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Indian Institute of.

Municipality of Chatham-Kent's standard purchasing terms and conditions.

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Packaged Drinking Water -An overview The most lucrative business of the day is Bottled Drinking water,specially for a national Brand with Pan India Presence and a reasonably good Brand recall vetconnexx.comry: Food & Beverages. This business unit is responsible for acquiring sites and arranging for funds to set up WaterHealth Centers (WHCs).

The Consumer Business Unit offers safe drinking water solutions and community engagement programs as its products and services. The water crisis in the city and its suburbs worsened on Tuesday with packaged drinking water manufacturers announcing an indefinite strike, protesting against the restrictions on groundwater drawal.

Established in the year by the esteemed Madani Group, Mad Aqua Packaged Drinking Water has a mission to provide pure and natural water. We have thrived to be a .

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