Ocr philosophy of religion essays

Search The Problem of Evil The problem of evil or argument from evil is the problem of reconciling the existence of the evil in the world with the existence of an omniscient all-knowingomnipotent all-powerful and perfectly good God. The argument from evil is the atheistic argument that the existence of such evil cannot be reconciled with, and so disproves, the existence of such a God. Christianity claims both that God created the world and that he sustains it.

Ocr philosophy of religion essays

The essays are all out of 40 marks 16 AO1 and 24 Ao2 and written with A Level notes, using my standard A Level plan belowin 4o minutes… the amount of time you will have in the final examination.

Obviously enough, these answers represent one possible approach and are only intended to give students an idea of what a reasonable answer might look like. There are other approaches that would be equally good or better. I always say that in a weekly essay it is much better to spend over an hour planning and then limit writing to 40 minutes than to write for 2 hours without a plan!

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An unplanned essay, however detailed, is pretty useless because the only thing you have done is to write out your notes in a different way. Planning an essay forces you to analyse, assess and evaluate the content of the topic, develop and then defend an opinion on it.

This takes you well beyond where you can get in class and is one of the only opportunities you have to give your brain a real work-out.

I think that the traditional A01 led approach — where students explain the topic, point by point, evaluating only if they remember at the end of each paragraph and leaving the argument to the conclusion — is a disaster for the new A Level because it will probably cap students around the bottom B level, maybe 28 out of Students who have not committed their line of argument to paper in paragraph 1 will often not decide what they are arguing until the conclusion, and will therefore fail to argue anything through the body of the essay.


This is a very big price to pay for poor time-management in a 2 year linear exam! Religious Studies Practice Questions What would a good essay look like then? What is the question asking?

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Another reason in support of your argument. Who would disagree with your argument? Explain their objection using examples and references to scholars etc.

Who else would disagree with your argument?

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Repeat your Thesis and list your main points in support. A paragraph is not just aesthetic and does not just break-up a block of text making it look better, it is a unit of your argument which helps to make sense of it. Think of each paragraph as a separate slide in a PowerPoint or a separate bullet-point in a plan.

A paragraph must be self-contained and make sense in its own terms as well as fitting neatly into your essay structure.

It is worth practicing writing paragraphs separately, drafting and re-drafting them to improve your clarity and style. This can be a really good way of making notes, one which gets you evaluating and thinking about how you would use information to argue a case.Model Essays Philosophy of Religion.

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Ocr philosophy of religion essays

Written by: Peter Baron Philosophy of Religion H 01 OCR A Level Levels of Response. Buy individually today for £ or a multi license (for classroom printing) – £ Philosophy of religion Background assumptions in philosophy of religion.

Arguments concerning God’s existence Handouts. Arguments for design Arguments from design Cosmological argument Explaining the universe James and Freud on religious experience Miracles. OCR Philosophy of Religion; OCR Developments in Christian Thought; OCR Religious Ethics; A Level Essays.

OCR A Level Religious Studies: Practice Questions; OCR H Potential Questions the very long list!

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Critically evaluate the classical teleological argument (40). Philosophy and religion: a series of addresses, essays and sermons designed to set forth great truths in popular form, by Augustus Hopkins Strong. This is a type up of an essay that achieved full marks, 40/40, in the OCR Reformed A Level Religious Studies specification, Component 1: Philosophy of Religion.

Teaching Philosophy of Religion for the new RS Specifications January 27, January 27, / vardycharlotte The new OCR specification for GCE A Level Religious Studies seems to me to be the most user-friendly of those currently on offer. Jan 27,  · The focus is not just on religion nor is it an extension of GCSE RE, the course offers so much more. Most importantly Philosophy, Ethics and R.S at A level provides you with the opportunity to develop key skills that are absolutely essential for success on most degree courses. Long Coast Seasports was established in November at Lower Cheung Sha Village on Lantau Island. Our mission is surprisingly simple – to provide our guests with an exotic holiday experience on one of the most beautiful and spacious beachfront settings usually only available overseas, and to offer a wide range of seasport activities to satisfy all adventure sport enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The essay title is: “Corporate religious experience is less reliable than individual religious experience.” Discuss. A-level Philosophy & Ethics (OCR) Tuition System. My system of tuition for both the AS and the A2 A-level Philosophy & Ethics, has four main components: an initial essay writing masterclass, regular and frequent essay writing practice, occasional topic tutorials, mock exams and timed, hand-written essays.

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