Genecia luo business plan

The same can be said about entrepreneurship. It is as complicated as you think it is or, it can be as easy as ABC. The right mindset matters. I think adversity is the best teacher.

Genecia luo business plan

In China, this figure drops to 6. Forty-eight percent of women in Asia cite fear of failure as the No 1 reason holding them back, while lack of confidence 39 percent ranks a close second.

Imagine if we can transform their mind-sets, how far we can move the needle. SRW's mission statement — "Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable" — says it all.

In a crowded marketplace where business gurus and life coaches are often viewed as snake oil salesmen, SRW has created a position of authority, with more than 10, active members in 15 countries.

This feat is widely credited to its founder's "walk the talk" approach. SRW arose from Luo's own experiences, navigating the pitfalls of being an entrepreneur — from being swindled by a genecia luo business plan to tackling massive debt. Born in Singapore, Luo had an early initiation into business.

At 14, she taught aerobics, yoga and line dancing at a community center to help support her family financially. She told me I was going to face tougher challenges in this world; it's part of my journey.

You can choose to be a victim of your circumstances and not to learn anything, or you can view every experience as a stepping stone to do something out of your comfort zone.

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The reluctant yoga teacher went on to train and supply yoga trainers to other community centers, marking her maiden foray into the business world. Luo's newfound confidence motivated her to venture into uncharted waters. Her friends coached her on personal branding and public speaking, and to her surprise, she finished in the top Buoyed by this modest success, she tried her luck again.

A few pageants later, she bagged the Miss Singapore International title. From here, Luo set out to seize personal development opportunities.

Luo then set up an image consultancy company that trained and groomed C-level executives, celebrities and pageant hopefuls. InQueenz produced 50 contest winners, cementing Luo's growing reputation as a "charisma coach".

Entrepreneurial Role Models:

At the same time, Luo partnered with friends to launch e-commerce platforms to sell skin care products and clothes.

She also ventured into a coffee retail chain that eventually expanded to seven outlets in three countries. Though the businesses were ultimately profitable, Luo made some costly rookie mistakes along the way — including incurring a six-figure debt because of a partnership gone awry.

The stress drove her to depression and she contemplated suicide. As a last resort, she sought help from James Wee, a bankrupt-turned-millionaire entrepreneur. Inspired by their interactions, Luo started to think: What if she shared her experiences with other women in the same boat? With this in mind, Luo began to share her business experiences online.

Her videos on Google Hangouts showcased her straight-talking, energetic style, which quickly attracted a large following of female entrepreneurs.

Every Wednesday she would speak to her fans online. It started as a virtual classroom featuring home-produced videos and tutorials, swipe files and business starter templates.

SRW has since diversified into a multinational franchise. In addition to distributing business-related content across websites, video and social media channels, SRW's offerings now include one-on-one mentorship programs, monthly networking events, and WeEmpower, a yearly women's empowerment conference.

Asia can expect the role of women's networking to assume greater significance as female entrepreneurship continues to rise, said Luo. SRW works to build its community of female mentors, known as community leaders, in member countries. It started with Vietnam, where SRW has a strong community of members who have lived and worked overseas.

Luo hopes to expand SRW to 20 countries by the end ofwith China being one of them. The other thing we noticed is that Chinese women are well-connected; there is a high percentage of women who know other women business owners.

This can be a powerful starting point to refer business.

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Although Luo still produces livestream videos and podcasts, she actively encourages members to take the podium as well.Genecia Luo is the founder of Queenz8 Business Group.

The former beauty queen is now a successful entrepreneur with her hands in more than 8 businesses. She runs coaching classes for aspiring entrepreneurs and helps advise them on topics such as marketing and branding.

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genecia luo business plan

Genecia Luo, founder of Queenz*8 Business Group, says she has learnt through her years in business that getting into the right frame of mind is the first step you have to take when it comes to entrepreneurship. There is no, “Oh, I’ll do a bit and then see how it goes.”. Genecia Alluora Luo thinks the biggest barrier to entry is not technical expertise, but limiting self-belief.

provided to china daily The "she economy" may be on the rise but, according to Genecia. Genecia Luo is the multi-talented, Founder&Principal Trainer of InQueenz, a Singapore-based consultancy offering personality development coaching&charisma training to Industry: Broadcast Media.

A good foundation allows for extended and long-term growth. Many business owners fail to identify the difference between a mission statement and a value statement.

Formulate strategies and action plan. In the realm of business, branding is even more important as it could be that very platform you springboard from.

Genecia is your key to.