Drug testing for welfare research paper

Questions similar to that are where the money is going and if it is being used properly.

Drug testing for welfare research paper

There are many pros and cons regarding drug testing welfare recipients before they are able to receive financial benefits. My paper will give a short description of what welfare is and when the first testing program was introduced. I will give reasons why some people believe it is a violation of their rights, how testing is not fail proof, and how the cost will be greater than the benefit.

I will give the opposing sides arguments from those that are in favor of drug testing and believe it will benefit the welfare system, help the children and the parents if they are using drugs, and also save the taxpayers money.

Government leaders and most of the general public are looking at it from a financial point of view while welfare recipients are viewing it from a constitutional point of view. It is a double edged sword because it is the governmental court system and the judges that are not backing the drug testing idea because of the 4th Amendment.

Welfare is a public assistance program designed to help people who are not able to support themselves fully. The online site Welfare Information states that Welfare encompasses those government programs that provide benefits and economic assistance to no or low income individuals.

It can also be defined as financial assistance to impoverished individuals which is supplied through the taxes paid by the working class. Improving the quality of life and living standards for the poor and underprivileged is one of the main goals of welfare Welfare Information.

When a person is not receiving an income, or only has low earnings, they may be eligible for welfare benefits that will help meet a satisfactory standard of living by providing a minimum amount of financial assistance. These benefits are provided from the income of the working class people through the social security taxes that are deducted from their paychecks Welfare Information.

A quote from the Missouri State Constitution says: Government welfare programs exist for the purpose of serving those in need Missouri Secretary of State. The first drug testing program Michigan introduced the first drug testing program in The Drug Detection Report.

Refusal to submit to a drug test or failure to comply with a substance abuse treatment plan could lead to denial of income support and other benefits under the Michigan program for families with dependent children Drug Detention Report. District Judge Victoria Roberts soon after issued a temporary restraining order just five weeks after the program was in operation.

The American Civil Liberties Union Nov 10, claimed that the drug tests showed an eight percent positive rate, a percentage that they claim is consistent with the general population. Of people who were tested, 21 tested positive for drugs. All but three of the positive results were for marijuana ACLU.

This was the start of many bills being proposed using different wording. Those against testing stand firm on their beliefs The most powerful argument against drug testing for welfare benefits stems from the constitutional standpoint.

Drug testing for welfare research paper

The Fourth Amendment to the U. Even though the letter was defending the rights regarding governmental housing it went on to state that "Flint housing tenants would be subjected to humiliating tests only because they are receiving assistance from the government.

Yet, corporate executives and individuals who receive government funds are not forced to urinate in a cup as a condition of receiving funds.INTRODUCTION: There is an ongoing debate on whether drug testing of welfare recipients is legal in many of the local state governments.

Welfare is suppose to meet the basic needs and drugs are far from the basic human needs. Drug testing among welfare recipients is a reasonable practice that should be conducted in all states in the country (Kirst-Ashman, ).

Giving welfare to individuals who may either directly or indirectly get involved in substance abuse is an act of encouraging drug use.

Claim: Drug testing welfare recipients (and then disqualifying those who fail from collecting benefits) is an effective method for saving taxpayer vetconnexx.comen.

There are many pros and cons regarding drug testing welfare recipients before they are able to receive financial benefits. My paper will give a short description of what welfare is and when the first testing program was introduced.

The subject of this paper is to argue a position on drug testing for welfare. Research was conducted by reading and reviewing online references on the topic of drug testing when applying for welfare. The findings were that certain states in the United States are resorting to drug screening for welfare applications.

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Drug testing for welfare research paper

Costly Should welfare recipients be drug tested to receive benefits? 1. Meager Results Michigan, Arizona, & Florida drug test welfare recipients. A F E W F A C T S In , 87, people were tested. Of that 87, only a single applicant tested positive for drug use.

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