Different sidebars for different pages thesis

You will find that the home link will take you back to the root level, in this case index. You will need to create custom navigation to override the home link and change it to index.

Different sidebars for different pages thesis

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In this case, I realized our old categories could be trimmed and tweaked to provide better organization and information for visitors. More specifically, I went back through every post on the site, assessed the content, and then applied category labels to create rich, connected archives. I also renamed some old categories to make them more relevant, and I deleted a few others.

For example, check out our awesome new Marketing Your Website archivewhich contains insights from some of the biggest names in internet marketing. Also note how that archive page is not paginated—every relevant link is right there on one handy page.

When you create categories before having content to categorize, you are simply guessing at the topics your site is likely to cover. Add unique content to category pages Thesis adds special options to WordPress you can use to customize and enrich archive pages on your website: Thesis adds options to your WordPress archives so you can customize them for both search engines and visitors!

Different sidebars for different pages thesis

I used these options to create enhanced archives like this one about customizing your design. Once again, note how this archive is not paginated.

// Define the different possible sidebars. // This registers them with WordPress, so they'll show up in // Appearance > Widget, so you can edit them directly in WordPress. It’s not uncommon for a website to want to have different sidebars on different pages, different “sections” of the site. When you use a traditional WordPress theme this is easy to accomplish, just create a new page template and away you go. Once installed, you will see a Sidebars menu in the admin panel. Sidebars > Add New. First, add a name to your sidebar. You can then set display conditions from the Sidebar Conditions dropdown. A sidebar can have multiple conditions like pages, posts, categories, author, etc.

Thesis allows you to select how many posts you want to show on each archive page, so I set this one to a large enough number to display all relevant posts on one page.

Create resource pages with no distractions Resource pages are the ultimate curation tactic. All you need to do is identify related content that can help your audience, and then construct a resource page to highlight this content.

What to do with deprecated content that still ranks well in search engines? The DIYthemes Blog has been around for almost 10 years, so this is a big issue for us. Lots of content on the blog is outdated but still ranks well in search engines.

First, stick those old posts in a Deprecated category.

Different sidebars for different pages thesis

Second, add an alert to each deprecated post and send some link juice back to a more relevant location, as seen atop this old article. In this case, I simply linked deprecated posts back to the blog home page, which I know contains the most relevant information about both Thesis and web development.

And on blogs that have received thousands of comments through the years like this onemost of the older comments are irrelevant, misleading, and may even deter new customers.

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Because of this, merely closing comments on old posts is inadequate. Now, after days which is how long comments are open on this siteI no longer serve the comments section on posts.

Once a year, make it a habit to go back through your content and thoughtfully consider the overall organization and categorization. See if you can repackage your archives and turn them into a series of epic resource pages that visitors and search engines will love!

Killer optimization tips delivered straight to your inbox: Thesis creator Chris Pearson is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building truly awesome websites.

Learn from the Masters!Since translations are actually different pages, a sidebar that you create for a page in one language doesn’t show for its translations.

This features gives the ability to create completely different sidebars per language. Brings a new layer of customization freedom to your website by letting you add more than one sidebar to a page, or different sidebars on different pages. Content Aware Sidebars works with all themes and lets you create an unlimited number of custom sidebars for: Posts; Pages; Categories; Custom Post Types; Because it works with custom post types, you can also use Content Aware Sidebars to display different sidebars on your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads store.

May 24,  · This video shows how to insert different header on different page in MS word This may helpful in preparation of thesis or dissertation work. Thanks to this handy article from DIYthemes, we can easily remove all sidebars from the layout of whatever page we specify through the use of conditional tags.

Don’t worry, we’ll add . Install the plugin WooSidebars if you need to conditionally change the sidebars on your pages. Having different sidebars on your blog pages can help with conversion optimization.

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