Curtin mechanical engineering thesis

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Curtin mechanical engineering thesis

Robotic exoskeleton to help heal hand injuries October 19, by Tony Malkovic, Sciencenetwork Wa, Science Network WA Dr Cui says the exoskeleton has the potential to define the future of hand rehabilitation, both in terms of cost and also having fewer rehab visits.

Curtin mechanical engineering thesis

When people injure a finger, the digit generally has to be immobilised so it can heal. The patient then has to start gradually moving the injured finger to get it back to normal.

Using relatively inexpensive 3D printing, the Curtin team's exoskeleton can be customised to the patient's hand. The battery-powered device will eventually gently move the fingers to assist full healing. The idea for the device came about when Curtin's Department of Mechanical Engineering mechatronics engineer Dr Lei Cui met renowned performance artist Professor Stelarc who has an interest in 3D printing and the human body.

The hand was developed with the help of mechatronics engineer Anthony Phan, who worked on it as part of his final year mechatronics thesis project. Dr Cui says the robotic exoskeletoncalled the Assisted Finger Orthosis, can be customised to a person's hand using 48 parameters.

Small linear motors, powered by battery, can be programmed to move the finger as part of the rehab process. Handy innovation…Curtin mechatronics engineer Anthony Phan with the award-winning robotic hand exoskeleton he helped develop. Curtin University Dr Cui says the exoskeleton has the potential to define the future of hand rehabilitation, both in terms of cost and also having fewer rehab visits.

With each finger of the exoskeleton, there are eight rigid parts and pins that can be made by 3D printing. A graphic of the hand exoskeleton. Curtin University "It would have been very expensive if we had to use traditional manufacturing.MIRI: Curtin University Sarawak mechanical engineering graduate Chan Hiang Bin is among many who have chosen to pursue postgraduate studies as part of their career advancement.

In my current position as Senior Research Officer (Senior Mechanical Engineer) I provide technical designs in interdisciplinary engineering projects (predominantly from the mechanical and civil engineering sector) and high-level technical consultancy for internal and external projects, field-tests and surveys from the planning to the final-report Senior Mechanical Engineer.

Curtin University researchers have developed an innovative robotic hand exoskeleton which can be made cheaply using a 3D printer and could potentially cut down on rehabilitation visits for patients.

Mechanical engineering permits us to harness the energy and forces that exist in nature, providing for the needs of society. The range of mechanical engineering is therefore vast; machines from the size of micro-mechanical devices through to massive power-generating turbines are covered by the discipline.

Curtin mechanical engineering thesis

The SB in Mechanical Engineering requires a thesis with a minimum of 6 units credit. The objective of this requirement is to give students an opportunity to learn about a topic in depth through independent study under the guidance .

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