Citrix netscaler rewrite action bronson

The Search pattern does the following: You prefix the regex pattern with "re", then you have to denote the start and end of the pattern with any special character that will not be included in the pattern itself.

Citrix netscaler rewrite action bronson

August 6, PCI compliance. Well, when the devices we stand up are internet-facing, and they fail a PCI scan, something must be done to correct this situation. So, I present to you the configuration steps that I recently took to change a PCI scan from failing to passing.

Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list, individual scan vendors may perform different scans that require other modifications, so you may have additional work to do.

But, these steps should still be considered part of a best practice-type build. Is your Netscaler physical or virtual? Yes, NS11 code is out. They are stable, it works great, go get it. Anyhow — The steps: This one is pretty easy. Be sure to test this with all the devices and different browsers that will be used to access the system.

Some older devices and browsers get bent when you disable TLSv1. That decision is usually above our pay grade anyway, thankfully. We can pawn off the reason for the broken devices on the people that made us do it, right? WTF is an eTag header?

Why are they there? How do I get rid of them?

citrix netscaler rewrite action bronson

So, when I ran across this one, dealing with it was a new one for me. If you see eTag down there, chances are that the PCI scan company will be angry about it, since it can apparently be used to discover PID info. To get rid of this, I used a Rewrite policy. Make sure Rewrite is enabled hint: Now, create a Rewrite Policy.

No log action, and leave the undefined-result action alone. Under expression, enter HTTP. You link the policy there, then you point web-sniffer at https: Crazy, but hackers would do the same thing, so they are just doing what you pay them to do, PITA or not.

So why are there still eTag headers being returned on the.

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Because of the caching policies on the AG vServer.See Citrix Blogs Scoring an A+ at with Citrix NetScaler – update for recommended ciphers. The recommended ciphers vary based on the hardware platform and support for older clients.

Click Create when done. Default SSL Profile.

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In NetScaler build 64 and newer, SSL Profiles are much more functional. The I made an Rewrite policy, with the flowing settings: This will not do any rewrite, as action is set to NOREWRITE, but it will use the Auditing Message Actions and send the information to the syslog server.

Finally, I bound the rewrite policy to the XenMobile Access Gateway configuration. This article describes how to use NetScaler URL transformation to rewrite and proxy requests. Background The rewrite/proxy function in Apache can be used to funnel requests to a host from a different domain, and change it to appear as if it is coming from the same host.

issue with rewrite policy on netscaler ( submitted 10 hours ago by ExcelsAtMediocrity I'm currently load balancing our Exchange environment . Jul 05,  · The Netscaler VPX appliances running firmware version nc and above does support TLS protocol versions and This is a huge improvement on SSL security.

While migrating to Access Gateway on the NetScaler I noticed the rewrite policies I implemented on did not work.

citrix netscaler rewrite action bronson

While this can be done with some HTML customization, etc, and/or creating your own NetScaler theme, I just wanted to change the logon page by NetScaler Rewrite Policies.. Below are the policies that will allow you to do this.

rewrite-policy - Netscaler Command Reference