Chapter 54 a good day

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Chapter 54 a good day

List of Titles Sec. Orders re custody, care, education, visitation and support of children. Best interests of the child. Access to records of minor child by noncustodial parent. Orders re therapy, counseling and drug or alcohol screening.

Subject to the provisions of section 46ba, the court may assign parental responsibility for raising the child to the parents jointly, or may award custody to either parent or to a third party, according to its best judgment upon the facts of the case and subject to such conditions and limitations as it deems equitable.

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The court may also make any order granting the right of visitation of any child to a third party to the action, including, but not limited to, grandparents. Such orders may include, but shall not be limited to: The court is not required to assign any weight to any of the factors that it considers, but shall articulate the basis for its decision.

Annotations to former section Decision of trial court with respect to custody and care of minor children must stand unless court has abused its discretion. Discussion of ante nuptial agreements relating to property rights upon dissolution of the marriage.

Annotations to present section: Court has no authority to issue an order of support against a husband as neither the biological nor adoptive parent of the child. Court did not exceed its authority by setting aside certain personal property for the use of the minor children.

Restrictions on visitation rights discussed. Until entry of final decree, the court has discretion to modify custody without first finding material change of circumstances since previous award.

Statute read together with Secs.


In order to uphold constitutionality of section, court imposed a standing requirement that a third party allege a parent-like relationship with the child for third party custody awards and third parties seeking intervention in existing custody proceedings.

Substantial modification of visitation order requires evidentiary hearing to determine best interest of child.

Court had sufficient evidence to modify custody order even without the benefit of prejudgment psychological evaluation of defendant. Trial court properly decided parental relocation with child pursuant to statutory best interest of child standard because the interests and circumstances of the parties at the postjudgment stage differ from those existing at time of the dissolution.

Although both parties to marital dissolution action agreed to unrestricted authority of the arbitrator-attorney for the minor children in the event of a controversy by binding arbitration with no express language restricting the breadth of issues, no reservation of explicit rights and no contingency for court review, the very limited review runs afoul of statute which requires that court exercising its equitable jurisdiction re custody assure itself that its judgment will serve best interests of the child and was an improper delegation of judicial authority.

Custody order properly modified where court stated that original joint custody order was unworkable and that determination was made pursuant to standard enunciated in Subsec.

Trial court properly determined that in the absence of controversy before the court involving custody or care of minor children, section does not provide an alternative statutory basis to Sec. Court not obligated to interview each child before decision on custody.

While the rights, wishes and desires of the parents must be considered, it is nevertheless the ultimate welfare of the child which must control the decision of the court. Statute which vests discretion in trial court to determine the best interest of a child in awarding custody without objective guidelines is not unconstitutionally vague.

Neither applicable statutes nor case law recognize any presumption in custody matters. Court must resolve issue of custody in the best interests of the child whatever agreements have been made between the parents. Plain meaning of section, read within context of related statutes within Ch.

Chapter 54 a good day

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