Bringing metaphysical mind set into my life has been a rewarding experience

A year or more of unfortunate events left me feeling low about my ability to attract the things I want in my life. Once I started working with Erin, almost immediately there was a shift in my outlook about my situation. I had forgotten to be grateful for the things that were working. Erin helped me to recognize that actually, things were not all bad.

Bringing metaphysical mind set into my life has been a rewarding experience

I still feel like a man when doing the dishes. My courtship with my wife continues our entire lives. Females and males are equal in truth. My masculinity is part of me. I have many male and female friends. I remain free of prostate cancer my entire life.

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My girlfriend is a remarkable woman. Men of all shapes and sizes are handsome. I remain sexy when my head is balding. There are plenty of good honest women in this world.

My partner is a remarkable person. My scalp continues to grow hair my entire life. I now have a wonderful woman in my life. I have an equally high opinion of women and men.


I am free from female-bashing now and always. I am free from male-bashing now and always. I have come well prepared for this life.

I deserve total peace and enlightenment. I experience life on the earth plane to its fullest. Everything holds meaning yet nothing holds meaning.

My fellow humans are my dear brothers and sisters. There is a light in me. The light inside me shines love and acceptance to all. I deserve to remember who I am. Today IS the rest of my life.

I consciously guide my energies. Great truths are revealed to my consciousness today.

Bringing metaphysical mind set into my life has been a rewarding experience

I am now shown my limitlessness. I own all of my experiences.The result has been a stronger, more focused, refined version of my previous self. Some people get stuck in the vicious prison cycle, pass blame, go in and out their entire lives, and choose not.

Bringing "metaphysical mind set" into my life has been a tremendously rewarding experience. It made me realize that most often humans have propensity for getting by something with the least possible expenditure of thought because thinking appears to be hard and . I also recall that heightened sensation of burning a memory into me, of absorbing myself into a moment of my life with my full attention.

Nothing has been the same for me since those few moments on the mountain. That experience was illuminating for me. As a result, I have continued to give each day of my life a heightened quality of attention.

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I am % committed to bringing money into my life; My mind and. I have now read the book and I know why it was put into my mind to do so. For years I have been writing on the subject of the ineffable and how the metaphysical interacts, or can interact- or mirror- the manifest the physical.

All through the reading of the book, my mind was filled with addendum's I . This experience went on for years, until finally, during a particularly difficult time in my life, I had an insight about why my relationships weren't working.

The insight was: Relationships unfold based on your beliefs about yourself. Change what's happening inside of you, and your relationships will change, too.

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