An analytical writing of william faulkners barn burning

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An analytical writing of william faulkners barn burning

Time after time emotions of despair surface from both the protagonist and the antagonist involved in the story. This story outlines two distinct protagonists and two distinct antagonists.

Sarty is the protagonist surrounded by his father antagonism whereas Ab is the protagonist antagonized by the social structure and the struggle that is imposed on him and his family. Being a sharecropper, Ab and his family had to share half or two-thirds of the harvest with the landowner and out of their share pay for the necessities of life.

As a result of this status, Ab and his family know from the start what the future will hold — hard work for their landlord and mere survival for them. No hope for advancement prevails throughout the story. Sarty, his brother and the twin sisters have no access to education, as they must spend their time working in the fields or at home performing familial duties.

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As a consequence, poor health combined with inadequate opportunity results in low morale. Like nomads they were forced to move constantly. Due to seasons and crop rotation, in order to secure work they had to reserve land with different landowners.

These acts symbolize frustration with the system and a radical approach to rebel against it.

Literary Analysis of William Faulkner's Barn Burning | Essay Writing Blog

He is aware of the economic injustice and he must respond even at the risk of him and his family being prosecuted or ostracized. He feels despair and loss, and inflicts damage to whomever he happens to be working for. Should Sarty tell the landlord that Ab was responsible for burning down the barn?

Is the lose-win arrangement between sharecropper and landowner a morally acceptable one?

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Burning a barn or any act of economic despair in the form of vandalism is definitely not condoned. However the strange thing is the all of these questions need not to be asked, if economic injustice was not prevalent Related Posts.But where Emily is Faulkners most digestible story, Barn Burning is the ideal introduction to Faulkners unique and sometimes difficult literary studying William Faulkner -- Barn Burning.

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An analytical writing of william faulkners barn burning

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An analytical writing of william faulkners barn burning
free essay on Barn Burning by William Faulkner, Character Analysis